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Fox Reporter Gets Engaged on Air

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  • Fox Reporter Gets Engaged on Air

    Traffic/features reporter Andrea Robinson from KSAZ-FOX Arizona gets a surprise. Her boyfriend proposed to her on air during a wedding segment.

    Video of Proposal

    [ July 18, 2007, 07:59 PM: Message edited by: Meow Meow ]

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    Juicy. Let's analyze:

    Her first words:
    "what are you doing?" (you're shocking me!!)

    Her second words:
    "what are you doing HERE?!! (you're SO embarrassing me!!!)

    Her third words:
    "Oh no!!!" (NOT good)

    I'm no shrink, but I've gotta believe her hostile gut reaction wasn't good.

    3 years, tops.



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      Best wishes to both of them.

      But I'd kill him for doing that.


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        Originally posted by Pinkie:
        Best wishes to both of them.

        But I'd kill him for doing that.
        I was kidding in my post.

        But it sounded as if her gut reaction was to kill him.


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          But did she ever finish the story?

          At least he dressed up for the occasion.


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            White people.



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              These must stop. They're stupid and self serving and at best should be confined to markets 150+. I think a lot of these dorks do the "public" proposal to avoid a "private" NO.

              STOP THE MADNESS!


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                I tried this on the air twice, but got tired of hearing no.......


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                  Let us not forget---we are the story.

                  Upandown---I thought the same thing. Porr Jerry O'Connell got left there hangning! What will the folks in Pheonix do?
                  "It's not that I'm lazy, it's that I just don't care!"

                  FEAR THE TURTLE! GO TERPS!


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                    Those egotistical personal airings are dumber than dirt.


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                      He looks like a news shooter. Does he work at the station as well?


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                        I'm there with Judge, she backs away and says "no." (The anchor team had more chemistry than the wedding couple.)

                        See Upandown, The Kid isn't the only one who doesn't know when to dress for important events (lunch with you isn't the same as proposing on air, but still...)

                        Well, I'm trying to ban all grumpiness today so, "mazel tov!"
                        Truth is all things change


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                          I've always believed that events such as a marriage proposal should be intimate and private - therefore to make it special. (a grand display is fine - but it shouldn't be overtly public)

                          If my boyfriend did that, I'd be disappointed.

                          Her reaction seemed odd. If my boyfriend proposed... even in that manner - I think I'd say 'I love you' even if I were trying to be reserved because I was on television.
                          I'm left thinking hmmm.


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                            Now they can have viewers help them pick out the wedding cake and stuff.


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                              Please. Make it stop.