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  • NewsBlues shutting down

    Sorry to see that NewsBlues is going out of business soon. Youngsters would not remember its genesis - "shoptalk" which was a wonderful gossip sheet among news directors back in the 1980s.

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    I'm pretty sure nobody cares.


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      Like other websites, it seems to have run its course. I subscribed back in the day, but most of the stuff was available elsewhere within a day or so, so I let mine expire.
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        Odd, I thought NewsBlues was gone years ago.


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          Actually, I was wrong in my original post. It is "TV Spy" that started out as "Rumorville," a string of shared messages among news directors back in the days of black and white.


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            That's ok. We're all used to you being wrong.


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              In China they are used to being Wong.
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                The clock seems to have stopped for these industry sites, but fortunately there is still life in the business, and still plenty of life in those who haven't clocked out.

                Our dear friend Don Fitzpatrick was the first to make the transition from print to online for media blather with TV Spy and for a place to unwind with the Watercooler. (Sheesh, it used to 'must-read.' And the place to say what we could NEVER say at work. Although that coulda been fun.)

                ​​​​​Thanks again, Don, Mike and even FTV and other spots like the original M-Line, for allowing places to learn industry news and blow off steam.
                The landscape changes, but there are still real, actual people involved, and I wish the best for Mike and Mona. Especially since there's a health issue involved.
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                  I had not heard there was a health issue involved; I know Mike loves to drive his Porsche and still teaches driving to newbies.

                  But, even if they are shutting down, they've had a terrific run over the last 20 or so years. And Sult has it right; it's a shame that FB and other platforms have overtaken what we had in the 90's 2000s, and 20teens.

                  Say...why don't we have some discussions around here some time??
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