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Megyn Kelly Leaves FOX for NBC

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  • Megyn Kelly Leaves FOX for NBC

    Apparently, it's now official. Good move/Bad Move for Kelly? Good/Bad for FOX? Good/Bad NBC??
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    Ok, I'll bite. For a woman who gave testimony about being harassed, it had to be tough for Kelly to go back to the same workplace every day. Since she'd been vocal about moving from strictly hard news, it's a win for her, even at less $. And, hey, she gets to have dinner with her kids.

    Despite rumors about wanting to keep her in place, Fox probably wasn't sad to see her go, since she'd become a mixed bag as far as their network image. Plus, they're probably already busy in the lab manufacturing another 'bot.

    It's not exactly a banner moment for journalism or diversity, though, or for Fox, since beyond losing a perceived voice willing to speak truth to power with the incoming administration, it leaves Fox with the prospect of having no female host in prime time. And it's a big gamble for NBC, rolling the dice on whether Kelly has draw beyond the Fox platform, and whether daytime viewers want a show the host herself describes as 'How about if we merge a little Charlie Rose, a little Oprah, and a little me all together'?
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      She went where the money and terms were to her liking.
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        I hear the health plans at NBC are especially good when it comes to blood coming out of your whatever. In other news, before I can see an Eye, Ear, Nose and Whatever guy for my yearly sinus infections I'm seeing my new ObamaCare doctor tomorrow for my first checkup. And believe it or not his name is really McCoy.