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Roy Hobbs cashes in his Fifa coins. Goodbye, Farewel,l Amen.

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  • Roy Hobbs cashes in his Fifa coins. Goodbye, Farewel,l Amen.

    So this is MediaLine today. 3 spam listings about fifa coins , a week old thread with two responses, and a two week old unanswered Merry Christmas post from Todd E, who never answered several of my posts and questions to him.

    As his singing sister Sheila E would say...

    Boys with small talk and small minds
    Really don't impress me...

    Conversely I've fallen prey to previous bad habits, that when I'm finally back entrenched in broadcasting I stop posting here. Anway...I'm back...working at TV/Radio combo in Milwaukee as an announcer and master control operator, and doing news reporting and show producing and hosting for an NPR station that covers the area between Milwaukee, Chicago and Madison. Still have my monthly magazine column in Irish American News and a freelance newspaper gig for all my Charles Kuralt-ish reporting. I've got all the joys of teevee news without the b.s., and the satisfaction of a job well done for fun. And The Thrill, Gil and even Kurtis, Bill can hear my voice on a TV and/or radio near them almost daily. It only takes 4 part-time jobs but I'm loving every minute of it. A final testament from the Old and Poor to this industry that favors the Young and Cheap.

    I don't know what the heck happened to MediaLine. I guess a dying industry has lots of fading roses alongside it. See you on the radio all my friends of the past dozen years here! Write if you get work.

    Who says you can't be a TV, radio, newspaper and magazine journalist in 2017? And out standing in your field as well...
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    Glad you are finding your way. I rarely check in here because it is usually just the same characters sparring and seldom anything interesting.