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    I booked a hotel through Hotwire for a stay this past Friday night into Saturday in midtown Manhattan. I'm trying hard to see how I was wrong, but I just can't get there. Since all you idiots think you're so (*&# smart, read this and tell me why I'm wrong.

    If you you haven't used Hotwire before, it's similar to Priceline in that you don't know which hotel you'll be assigned until after you purchase it. Unlike Priceline, however, you don't bid -- the search results show you the various prices for unnamed hotels, the star rating and amenities. Example:

    The icons to the right of the price and below the location identity the amenities of the hotel.

    Among the results when I searched for a hotel for my stay was a 3-star property and a 3.5-star at approximatley the same price. The 3-star, however, had an "S" icon next to it, which when you rolled your mouse pointer over it says this:

    I'm not a star-snob, and I'm quite happy in 2-star Comfort Inns, Days Inns and LaQuintas. I've stayed in hotels in Manhattan before, and while they've always been quite nice, the rooms have been the size of my glove box. I figured I could sacrifice a half-star for some space, and I selected the hotel that listed 'Suite.'

    Hotwire sent me a confirmation email, which revealed the hotel, and offered more information on where I would be staying:

    Sweet, a kicthenette! Now I have some place to cook my meth!

    Anyway, I arrived at the hotel at 6:59pm Friday. Why do I know the exact time? Because no one was at the front desk. At 7:05, the front desk agent came by and checked me in. (No hate for the six-minute wait. It's all good.) "You're in 1A," he said. "Your suite is down the hall to the right." I followed his directions and arrived at ol' 1A.

    A little spartan, sure. But what I thought was most unusual was the absence of a suite in my suite. Granted, the size of the room was quite generous, a look behind the curtains revealed an amazing view of a brick wall and the bathroom (behind the camera) was the size of Texas (it was a handicapped-accessible room, and the bench installed in the shower was nice because standing up is such a hassle!), but where's my separate living area? And my kitchenette! The private bedroom? (Those images are of the suites posted on Orbitz.) There was a minifridge tucked away in a closet, but I don't think that counts as a kitchen.

    I walked to the front desk and asked if I was in the right room. Checking his computer, the agent said that 1A is the room the hotel assigns to people who use Hotwire or Priceline and that the only other available rooms are two-bedroom suites. I called Hotwire, and the agent says that the "S"uite icon means only that the amenity is *offered* at the hotel, not that I was actually being sold one. She said I may be able to pay for an upgrade to one directly from the hotel if one's available.

    I would be totally fine with just a room (and the one I was assigned was very nice), but I feel like I was led to believe I'd be getting a suite, which is why I chose that hotel over the 3.5-star for about the same price.

    I've tried hard to see it from Hotwire's point of view, but I can't get there. Am I wrong to have come to the conclusion that I booked a suite?
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    Beggars can't be choosers. Besides - what do you expect for $69 a night in Manhattan?
    "Hell is only for the people who have forgotten how to love"


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      The only thing that seems way off is that someone thought they could get a decent hotel in Manhattan for under $150.


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        Why don't you just start taking your gigilos to the Exxon men's room?


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          Originally posted by HushHush View Post
          what do you expect for $69 a night in Manhattan?
          Dyck's mama and $67 in change.

          Originally posted by Rambunctious View Post
          The only thing that seems way off is that someone thought they could get a decent hotel in Manhattan for under $150.
          It wasn't under $150.

          Originally posted by Mighty Dyckerson View Post
          Why don't you just start taking your gigilos to the Exxon men's room?
          'Cause yo mama won't fit! lolz!
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            In Hotwire's "definition" of "suite", you ignored the word "typically", as well as "some offer kitchenettes". Meaning... you're not guaranteed to have those amenities.


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              Originally posted by east coast producer View Post
              Am I wrong?
              Yes, viturally everytime you post.
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                As someone who has used Hotwire for years I think you have a point, ecp but probably no recourse. I'd recommend and ask you to write your comments when you review the property for Hotwire. I usually read comments from people who have stayed in the hotels before I book that hotel. You can find out a lot from former guests such as whether there's a bug problem or the room is dirty or the service is lousy. Those are the kinds of problems that don't go away.

                I once stayed at a 4 star hotel in Chicago through Hotwire. It was a beautiful suite with two bathrooms, a room that normally cost 350-400 dollars a night. I got it for a hundred bucks. A great Hotwire success story. Here's my Hotwire horror story. A few years ago, I booked, through Hotwire, a hotel in St. Louis for a cheap rate. The only amenity I was interested in was whether or not they had a pool because we were traveling with our kids who wanted to swim. When we arrived at the place (an especially dumpy and noisy Motel 6 because it was near the airport) we discovered that yes, there was a pool but the water in it was so dark and green and murky that we could barely make out that someone had heaved some of the pool furniture into the water and it sat at the bottom of the pool. I would no more stick my toe in that pool, then let my children near it. It took us 45 minutes to check in because there was one person at the desk who had trouble with English and probably ten to twelve people waiting to check in. It was a nightmare all around. Rather than address those issues with Hotwire, I wrote to the corporate offices of Motel 6 to let them now how substandard this St. Louis property was. I received a cordial letter in return but no offer to refund any of our cost or incentives to stay in the future.

                My point? Motel 6 may leave the light on for you but they also hope you'll swim in their pool and die!


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                  Originally posted by east coast producer View Post
                  'Cause yo mama won't fit! lolz!
                  Dude, the mama jokes are getting worn out...

                  ...just like your mama's va-jay-jay!!!


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                    I AM NOT WRONG !!!!!!

                    A representative of Hotwire corporate called me at 4 pm ET this afternoon after he said several members of the company's customer care staff, who monitor web sites, blogs and social networking, forwarded a Consumerist story to him (which posted at 10pm last night). I have no clue how they found my name or number.

                    He explained that the hotel can't assign a room to a Hotwire guest that doesn't honor the amenities that the hotel advertised, and Hotwire would be contacting the hotel to remind them of the agreement. The customer service rep who I had called, he said, gave me incorrect information.

                    Hotwire has removed the "S"uite icon from the hotel and refunded half the cost of the reservation in "HotDollars." Let me reiterate that I've always found Hotwire to be an excellent service and this was the only hiccup I've ever encountered in the past decade or so.

                    Cue Dyck with juvenile joke about "HotDollars" in 3... 2... 1...


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                      Originally posted by east coast producer View Post
                      Hotwire has removed the "S"uite icon from the hotel and refunded half the cost of the reservation in "HotDollars."
                      HotDollars? Isn't that what your mama calls the money she gets from turning tricks??


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                        Number one: you get what you pay for.

                        Number two: get the address of said hotel and use Google or Yahoo maps then click on the satellite button. That way you can see the exterior of the hotel/motel and also might be able to tell if the pool is green goo.