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[CrimeFileNews] Starting an Internet News Network in your own backyard is really not

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  • [CrimeFileNews] Starting an Internet News Network in your own backyard is really not

    Los Angeles, CA—The Internet and today’s video technology has given us the ability to gather and report news with inexpensive equipment and a little knowhow.

    This could be done with modern prosumer equipment rather than the elitist stuff costing in the tens of thousands. News video can even be gathered and edited with a modern iPhone. Of course you want the best quality your budget can handle. You need watchable video and poor audio is inexcusable.

    The local stations here are fading fast into the Abyss of low viewership, minimal content and vanishing revenue. Viewers and print news readers everywhere are abandoning the papers and TV news broadcasts for no-nonsense content on the Internet. Those seeking news can search and find news and information without the anchors and their mindless and often opinionated chit-chat.

    With streaming video a team of video journalists producers with a good assignment desk management can put together the days news for re-playing 24/7.

    Sports and weather should be a part of this only if its newsworthy. Sports and weather sites could be created for those folks that need that at other sites.

    Like all news rooms, the assignment desk personnel monitors government, police and fire department activity. They keep up with ongoing court cases and the public relations people shamelessly peddling their self-serving crap for their clients. They decide whether to send reporters out to chase particular news stories.

    The reporters will respond to news events like anyone in the news business. They will gather video of action, interviews and happenings they will edit and package them into stories with time slots they deserve rather then strict time frames. The key here is great storytelling content.

    If there are still broadcasters around that want to use our content, they can buy it!

    Important events can be live streamed but allowing politicians to drone on and on as is the current practice will must end. The vile practice of kissing the government PIO’s asses in hopes of getting information will end. Frankly, if politicians want face time they can pay us for advertising!

    Reporters must learn or, re-learn how to access public records and find those that know what’s going on to interview for their packages.

    Advertising and marketing will need to be handled by a crack traffic department.

    Instead of helicopters camera drones will be deployed where ever possible at great savings.

    When the audience wants news they can get it the way they want it.

    There will be an investigative team for long form stories covering the extortion, theft, fraud, government mismanagement and the injustice that never stops.

    A news organization that deals exclusively with news does not have the stone of broadcasting or paper-printing around it’s neck.

    An upstart website could become the number one local news source if operated correctly. Do we really need mindless chit-chat in our news content? Let’s hope our news consumption time is more valuable then most most TV news executives have guessed.

    I shot and edited the below story complete with a voiceover on my iPhone in minutes last December while in London. I wanted to share my experience with the iconic London Eye Ferris Wheel overlooking the city.

    There are over 3500 stories on this blog go to the main page at

    Remember dear readers, you heard it here first! Off the record, on the QT and very hush hush...